Graphic Design - Why choose d3wey.com?

If you have read the about page you will have seen that d3wey.com is in fact me, David Dewey.

I am not a large company with a big office and I do not confess to be. I am a highly motivated and highly skilled designer with top of the line equipment at my disposal.

My work is as important to me as it is to you and as of early 2010 even more so than ever.

After redundancy in Jan 2010 I have set out a mission to get back into the design world from where I was educated and where I (and many around me) believe I belong.

It is a hugely competitive job market out there so to do this I look to grow my portfolio of design work through you, the customer, a customer who then benefits through high grade, low cost services. Services that research shows would be competitive and nearly double the prices I currently charge.

Due to a controlled, low volume client base, you will therefore receive professional grade design, delivered personally, within time scales you require and at minimum cost.

In return I get a portfolio of work that will impress any agency or company as well as building a solid local business clientele that I can continue to service in my spare time.

If you have any questions or concerns about this I urge you to call me so you can make your own impressions.

  • cookerburra


    Cookerburra Oven Cleaning is UK franchise web site. Customers can search for their local oven cleaning franchise by post code and see a customised franchise page with details and images of that franchise.

    Franchisee's can log in, order products from HQ, change elements of their web page, change prices etc

  • buzzImage


    Buzz image is a fairly basic site but it incorporates a fully functioning Flash based e-commerce solution that the customer wanted to be integrated into their site

    Customers can layout and design a host of printable items such as t-shirts, mugs, mouse mats. You can change fonts, colours and upload your own artwork.

  • cholsey parish council


    A simple website for the Cholsey Village Parish Council that was commisioned to replace an old, out of date design that was not being updated

    Features include useable mapping, the ability for the council to update their own news and events sections via a simple CMS solution

    The site is due to grow in size over the years with more functionality that will help it become fully self managing

  • highland medical


    Highland Medical is a local company in Wallingford who specialises in equipment for surgeons

    The site is still in its original layout from a South African company but will be having a full d3wey.com redesign soon

    The challenge was re-creating the site fully from an out of date ASP based site without having any access to the original server

    d3wey.com has since become Highland's soul IT support company

  • behind closed doors


    Behind Closed Doors are a local, successful, family run Roller Shutter Door company based in South Moreton. The owner Colin wanted a website that could really show his customers the types of installation they are capable of

    The site has a host of video demo's of their products as well as plenty of images to show of the variety and diversity of their work

  • lambert construction


    An Abingdon based construction company, Lambert Construction are a classic service industry client who gains nearly all work from reputation and word of mouth

    The owners wanted a site that had class, looked professional and gave prospective customers a place to see examples of their work via gallery images

    From beatiful kitchen installations to full blown building refurbishments, there are examples of them all.

  • stuff4fun


    Posh Fish is a highly successful Fish Restaurant in Headington, Oxford

    The owner was just re-opening after a fire caused major problems and while its location meant plenty of business was always assured, there were countless requests to be able to view a menu before ordering

    The request was for a very basic site that had the information the customer's wanted. It is a perfect example of what can be done on a budget

    The site gets several hundreds of visits every week proving its worth

  • stuff4fun


    Tcom Fire & Security specialise in supply and fit of security and fire alert systems for high end business and domestic customers

    The owner wanted a site that they could refer prospective customers to so they could get a feel for the options and products available. The was also a need for the site to be used to draw in more business via web searching so the SEO on the site plays a major role

  • stuff4fun


    Stuff4Fun is a full e-commerce website for all your costume needs.

    Developed using a fully customiseable PHP/MySql database driven shopping cart system and integrating with the UK's most popular Payment Gateway (Sage Pay UK) d3wey.com's e-commerce solution is both affordable and practical. If you are interested in an e-commerce site contact d3wey.com for a quote!

  • janespoochmobile


    Jane is just one owner of a 'The Pooch Mobile' franchise and knew the importance of getting her name out there.

    An informative yet fun website that gives customers an excellent feel for the services and products Jane offers. We even shot and embedded a video of a dog being washed so customers could see how it works

  • rjeplastering


    One of d3wey.com's first site and soon to be re-vamped

    A classic case of a local self employed plasterer that needed an affordable yet functional site to give his company visibility on the web.

    Since going live RJE plastering is the top website on google for plasterers in Oxfordshire. Proof of how important good Search Engine Optimisation is

  • passionateaboutpilates


    Emma runs local classes so didn't need any bells or whistles on her site

    A very simple one page layout based on an image but with SEO tricks behind it to make Google, Bing and other search engines see lots of detail, this really is an example of a VERY affordable website

  • coelweb


    Coelweb is an example of using the web to sell in small volumes without the need for full e-commerce (and the costs associated).

    Publishing historical books to a very niece market globally, the use of Paypal integrated into the site allowed the owner the ability of taken payments from all countries without the need for exchange rate issues or separate bank accounts

  • cholseyunitedfc


    A local football team site designed hosted and maintained by d3wey.com

    Currently a re-fresh is being generated that will give any football team an affordable, self maintainable, content management system while allowing the theme and design to be totally unique.... if you are a team interested please contact d3wey.com for time scales

  • 2020 Accounting


    A small, personal and friend accounting company

    The owner of the company is just starting up and hence needed a brand, logo and website that was both distinctive but friendly in feel

    The process involved several one to one sessions with the owner to fine tune the design of the brand

  • 2020 Accounting


    Wheelers are a busy electrical company in South Oxfordshire

    The owners had an existing but dated website and came to d3wey.com for a refresh. Branding stayed the same but the site was overhauled, modernised and holds much more information

    Being a busy company d3wey.com is now working closely as an IT consultant for Wheelers. The transfer from the old host, email setup and domain migration was all carried out

    In 2012 d3wey.com did a full re-brand with Wheelers including logo, site, vans, stationary etc

  • 2020 Accounting


    PME Plastering based in Chalgrove was another start up company

    The owners had created a free website with a large well known printing brand but it had no personal touch and they found it hard to use. d3wey.com helped transfer the domain name from the large company, transfer email addresses and then develop and design a full bespoke website hosted at an affordable cost